Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Dickson Home with Mold Issues

Before going on vacation it is always prudent to turn off the water to your home. Many forget to do so and will come home to a mess such as this. A family from ... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Clean Up

When water intrudes it only takes twenty-four to forty-eight hours for mold to grow. It grows quickly since the spores are wafted through the air spreading wher... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Clear Lake, TX

As seen in the first picture the baseboard of this home had started growing mold. The background of the first picture shows the amount of water that had wicked ... READ MORE

Moldy Insulation in Nassau Bay Home

Mold can be a problem for a home if water had intruded behind the walls as with this home. The insulation and the drywall had been covered in mold which went un... READ MORE

Leak in Wall Caused Mold Damage in Clear Lake, TX

This Clear Lake family discovered microbial growth in their home, caused by a pipe burst in the walls that was went unnoticed. The garden tub in the master bath... READ MORE

Clear Lake Apartments Found Mold

This Clear Lake Apartment Complex discovered extensive mold growth in one of their vacant units, thanks to high humidity and little ventilation. Businesses ar... READ MORE