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Galveston County Food Bank

Galveston Country Food Bank is leading the fight to end hunger in our area. Find something you love and be passionate about it. This is something that our team loves participating in and promoting. What's your very way to give back? 

Want to have a blast with your team?

Heres a picture of our team during our day of service at our local food bank! It's important to take time to do community service and further strengthen our relationships. Give us a call today to learn more about our team!

-We Give Back-

Our team knows it's important to give back to our community through handsup programs. Through our local food bank we were able to get to know each other better and make an impact on others lives. 

Lunch With The Village Fire Department

We had the chance to show our respect and love for first responders by providing lunch to the firefighters at The Village Fire Department! We are so thankful for your everyday courage and service to the City of Houston!

Outside Of The Village Fire Department

During the Holidays SERVPRO had the opportunity to visit The Village Fire department and take a tour of the building. The Holiday decorations were the perfect touch to the amazing facility.

The Houston Police Department Downtown Office

No matter how huge the job, SERVPRO can help! We assist in all residential and commercial crisis and are dedicated to serving all customers excellent service 24 hours, every day of the week.

The 2019 Insurance Day Trade Show

We enjoyed setting up our vibrant green and orange booth for the 2019 Trade Show! The SERVPRO booth included light refreshments, free SERVPRO gifts, amazing prizes and informative SERVPRO pamphlets.

Fans Cheer On Their Favorite Team At The 2018 Texas Bowl

Fans were completely tuned in at the 2018 Academy Sports + Outdoors Texas Bowl! Both Baylor and Vanderbilt played a phenomenal game! We are so proud of both teams for their hard work and dedication!

2018 Academy Sports + Outdoors Texas Bowl

SERVPRO had the wonderful opportunity to be a sponsor at the 2018 Academy Sports + Outdoors Texas Bowl! We thoroughly enjoyed watching both amazing teams play an electrifying and competitive game!

Water Damage Hotel Room

This room suffered from significant water damage. The flooring was removed along with all the belongings.  SERVPRO responded and began the mitigation process.  The room was dried and rebuilt back to normal conditions. 

Commercial Property Water Loss

After a pipe break, there was multiple rooms that suffered from water loss.  There was significant water standing in the floor.  SERVPRO responded and began mitigation procedures.  They were able to dry the floor and quickly rebuild the affected areas. 

Commercial Water Loss

The disaster relief team is ready for any size disaster in your area for restoration emergency.  The team can respond quickly with professional drying equipment to restore your property quickly back to normal conditions. Our team is experienced in water, storm, fire and mold remediation. Contact us anytime 24/7, 365 days a year.

Disaster Recovery Equipment

SERVPRO has the Disaster Recovery Team that can respond to your restoration emergency.  They have the professional drying equipment for your water loss.  The air movers can dry the area quickly to prevent future water damage. 

Nassau Apartment Damage

A storm had blown through while this apartment complex was being built. The amount of water that came through saturated each floor thoroughly. SERVPRO of Clear Lake had this commercial damage cleaned up quickly enough to keep the builders on schedule.

Houston Storm Ready

SERVPRO of Clear Lake is also an EXTREME TEAM with enough personnel, vehicles and equipment to respond to large storms. Nobody wants to be placed on a waiting list when so many homes have been damaged. Call SERVPRO of Clear Lake and get your home repaired faster.

Flooding in Houston

The Houston floods were not only devastating for the residential community but also for the commercial. This business needed to have a flood cut throughout their offices. Now that the damaged drywall is gone we can start cleaning and rebuilding.

Commercial Restoration

Restoring a building after it has suffered a flood is no easy task. But calling SERVPRO is easy. We are a one-stop-shop for flooding and repairs. We can dry out your commercial property and rebuild it back to pre loss conditions.

Storm damage in Dealership

This dealership was close to the beach which washed in sand throughout the building. There were broken windows and doors allowing the flood water to come through and saturate the place. SERVPRO of Clear Lake understands that time is money and we were glad to help this company get its doors open for business quickly.

Houston Storm Damage

"There is water everywhere!" is the usual distress call after a large Houston storm. Our technicians got straight to work removing water and cleaning the area. There was a lot to do but SERVPRO of Clear Lake has the equipment and manpower to clean up any size building.

Broken Pipe in Houston Building

This business in downtown Houston needed over half its building torn out because of a broken pipe. The pipe carried sewage meaning that any porous materials needed to be disposed of in full Personal Protective Equipment to keep our technicians safe.

Flooded Clear Lake Home

After flooding we often find sand and dirt along with the wet materials and contents. This picture shows some of the sandy materials left behind that needs to be cleaned and disinfected.

Broken Pipe in Dressing Room

This dressing room had a pipe break that flooded the room. However, when water comes from a clean source it is much easier to clean up. SERVPRO of Clear Lake is ready for even the small damages. Let us help get your business up and running again quickly.

Damaged Church

The foyer of this Houston Church flooded. The white tubing is full of hot air being circulated throughout the church to help quicken the evaporation process. The next step is to place all the green air movers in the back of the picture around the building.

Day Care Flood in Dickson, TX

This day care had been flooded because of a child trying to flush all their toys down the toilet. The good news is that the water was clean and therefore easier to have disinfected.

Storage Damage

The storage area of this store had suffered a fire leaving soot all throughout carpeting and storage items. Cleaning the items will take time as there are so many but they are salvageable and ready to sell.

Soot Damage from Smoldering FIre

This utility room did not have any damage to the materials but the smoldering fire caused a lot of soot damage. The walls were covered in soot and the smell was extremely strong. They will need a lot of deodorization. SERVPRO of Clear Lake has a lot of experience with fire and smoke damaged homes.

Soot Marks on Commercial Flooring

Soot is a left over residue from a fire. The soot wafts through the air in the smoke and then settles as it cools. These soot marks seem harmless but the acidity of the soot will eventually pit or create little holes in the floor if not cleaned quickly.

The Flood Cut

The restoration industry uses flood cuts after water damages that involve category three water. A category three is comprised of flood water, sewer backups, and other contaminated water. The flood cut is made twelve inches above the water line.

Smoke Clean Up in Clear Lake, TX

Fire can leave behind unsightly smoke and soot. This floor was covered with soot and as the firefighters put out the fire wet it all. Cleaning and deodorizing the floor is very important to do right away. Our technicians wear protective clothing during their cleanup of soot because of its acidity.

Commercial Mold Damage

The air conditioning of this business in Houston, TX stopped working and humidity built up in the bathroom. The mold grew up the walls and onto the ceiling within 48 hours. If unsure what to do next call SERVPRO of Clear Lake for a free evaluation and wet check.

Kids room is Soaked

This picture shows how wet a room can get when a supply line breaks in the above bathroom. The migration of the water is clearly outlined in the wet walls. The water had ran down the sides and corners of the room.

La Marque Home Covered in Mold

A moldy home usually occurs when there is too much humidity or because of a water damage. Water damages happen after floods or broken pipes as in this house in La Marque, TX. The house will have to be remediated for the mold that has been growing.

Warped Floor

The flooring warped from the amount of water that penetrated underneath the linoleum. Although there are some cheaper flooring options they usually need to be replaced after suffering a flood or water damage. 

Broken Pipe in Ceiling

The broken pipe in the ceiling caused a flood in this office building. Because the break happened over a holiday weekend it was not cleaned up quickly. The weekend gave the mold time to grow throughout the wet materials in the office.

Furniture Covered with Mold

Having moldy furniture upon returning form vacation is a good indicator that there is a large water damage in the house. It could be from a broken pipe or a water heater malfunction. Whatever the case there must be a lot of humidity within the home to have mold covered furniture.

Mold in Nassau House

This Nassau house was extensively damaged because of mold. We believe that this house had the most damage that we have seen in a long while. Any building materials containing mold will need to be removed and disposed of by a mold remediation technician.

This Mold House

This home had been through a lot. First it had a fire, then the water damage from the firefighters, and finally mold. The mold grew just through the amount of humidity that was in the air after the windows and doors were boarded up. Our staff at SERVPRO of Clear Lake have seen a lot of damages but this one we'll remember of a long time.

Flooded Business

There is nothing worse than coming to work on Monday and finding water all over your office. Unfortunately this is what happened to this company in Clear Lake. They gave us a call and we were able to make get them back into "Business as Usual" quickly.

Keeping Homeowners Safe in Clear Lake

Disinfectant Spray is an important part of any clean-up or restoration job. We use a top of the line spray that kills bacteria and helps reduce mold growth that are attributed with floods or sewer backups. Our goal at SERVPRO of Clear Lake is to make sure the customer and our technicians are safe.

Clear Lake Mold Damage in the Attic of Home

The mold damage in this Houston home occurred due to poor ventilation allowing moist humid conditions. SERVPRO of Clear Lake employed advanced equipment and techniques to mitigate the mold damage. SERVPRO of Clear Lake is ready to help 24/7. Please call (281) 219-8180.

Home Engulfed by Houston Fire Damage

After the fire trucks left this home it not only had suffered Houston fire damage, but also fire and smoke damage with extensive water damage from firefighting efforts. SERVPRO of Clear Lake Professionals had the specialized fire restoration training needed to restore this home to pre-fire condition. SERVPRO of Clear Lake is ready to help 24/7. Please call (281) 219-8180.

Advanced Tool Detects Hidden Houston Water Damage

Even if it appears that all the water and moisture have been removed from your Houston Water Damaged home, there could still be trapped moisture that is not readily detectable. The moisture detection tool shown above can detect hidden moisture in most building materials. This could prevent the inevitable mold infestation associated with hidden moisture and water damage in Houston. SERVPRO of Clear Lake uses advanced mold damage detection equipment to locate the source of water, which could foster mold growth. Call SERVPRO of Clear Lake. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your emergency at (281) 219-8180.

SERVPRO Extreme Response Team is proud to announce our vendor contract

Team is proud to announce our vendor contract SERVPRO Extreme Response Team is pleased to inform you that the National Cooperative Purchase Agreement (NCPA) in the “Fire and Water Disaster Restoration” category as a vendor accepted SERVPRO. Visit their website … SERVPRO is also partners with … TIPS Purchasing Cooperative. The Interlocal Purchasing System, (TIPS) Serving Region 8 Education Service Center (ESC).


As we hitch up our trailers and pull down the zippers our Tyvek jumpsuits. We wish our best to the people of Louisiana. We truly appreciate the opportunity to come in and make a difference for not just one but for all. As representatives under one roof, we joined together as one to aid in relief during disaster. Along with the experience, we gain much appreciation for life. With much gratitude we enjoying bringing life back to those displaced. Special Thank you to our now lifelong friends at The Dixie RV & Jubin’s Crossing Movie Tavern. We Thank You Louisiana!