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How To Handle Water Damage After a Fire

4/8/2021 (Permalink)

Feet of a person using a vacuum extractor on the floor, water and soot on the floor Water and fire damage in La Marque, TX.

How To Handle Water Damage After a Fire

You do not just have to worry about fire damage after a blaze. The water and other materials used to suppress the flames can be just as harmful to your property. This is especially true if first responders had to use a fire hose. Hoses spray water with more pressure and power than home sprinkler systems use.
You cannot just ignore this water, either. The water could encourage the growth of mold spores in your home within just 24 hours. This mold may then destroy:

  • Wood
  • Drywall
  • Floorboards

You thus need to address the water problem as soon as possible. However, you should not utilize any vacuums or wet appliances. You should also stay out of any rooms that show signs of structural issues. Here are some other steps you should take when you experience water damage following a fire.

1. Make Sure the House Is Safe
Talk to the fire damage professionals who responded to your home. Only enter the house when they say it is safe to do so. In the meantime, check to see if water has harmed the outside of your property.

2. Call the Pros
Next, contact your insurance provider and find out the details of your coverage. You should ask if there are any limits to your policy. You should also find out if your insurer will pay for temporary living expenses until you can move back into your house.
Be sure to call your local fire cleanup professionals, as well. They should know how to handle any harm caused by flames, smoke or water.

3. Document the Damage
After you are given permission to enter your house, take videos and photos of the affected areas. This should expedite the insurance claims process.
Both water and fire damage may affect your La Marque, TX, home after a blaze. Once it is safe to enter the property, document the damage and call your insurance provider. Then have restoration professionals repair your house as soon as possible.

Does My Commercial Insurance Policy Cover Floods and Hurricanes?

4/8/2021 (Permalink)

Dealership flooded Storm damage in dealership in Dickson, TX.

Different Types Of Storm Insurance

Business owners in Dickson, TX, might think their commercial insurance covers damage from hurricanes and floods. In many cases, though, you need to purchase separate coverage. Here are a few types of damage for which you may need separate storm insurance.

Hurricane Damage
This type of insurance coverage is currently a mandatory deductible in 19 states and the District of Columbia. It is a percentage deductible based on the value of your property. The cost of this coverage varies depending on your provider and where your property is located in relation to the coastline.
Hurricane insurance typically covers your building or structure and its contents for cleanup and storm damage restoration, including:

  • Inventory
  • Computers
  • Electronic equipment
  • Furniture
  • Fixtures
  • Cargo

Check your policy to see if passenger vehicles and machinery are included. Often, you need a separate policy to cover these items.

Wind and Hail Damage
Insurance coverage for hail and wind damage is included in standard property insurance for most of the country. In coastal areas, business owners may need to purchase separate storm insurance for these types of perils. Wind and hail damage may be covered under a hurricane policy.

Flood Damage
Damage from flooding is different from hurricane damage. In many cases, the damage caused by hurricanes results from storm surge and rising water. When damage results from water on the ground, it is considered flood damage.
You can purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program, or NFIP. The program is managed by FEMA and offers insurance in participating communities through a network of companies.
If your business is in a high-risk flood area and has a mortgage through a government-backed lender, you must have flood insurance coverage.
It's best to review your policy from time to time to ensure you have the right storm insurance for the types of perils that can happen to your Dickson, TX, business.

How To Identify the Types of Water Losses

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

Background of clear water, with the phrase WATER CATEGORIES There are three water categories.

Not every water damage is the same. Minor spills involving clean water can be handled by a homeowner. Black water, however, is quite dangerous and should only be touched by a trained expert. It thus helps to know the different categories and classes of water losses. This can help you decide when to call emergency cleanup professionals.

Water Categories

1. Category 1
Category 1 water is the cleanest. It does not contain any bacteria or other contaminants that could harm humans. Category 1 water losses typically involve an overflowing sink or a broken supply line.

2. Category 2
Category 2 water, or grey water, may contain some physical, chemical, or biological contaminants that can cause sickness in humans. The water could come from toilet bowls with urine, dishwashers, or washing machines.

3. Category 3
This is also known as black water. It contains fungi and bacteria that can be dangerous. The fluid typically comes from storm surges, rivers, or streams. Water in this category should only be handled by sewage cleanup experts.

Water Classes
Water losses are also classified by the extent of the damage. Class 1 losses affect a small area and occur when the water has not greatly absorbed into nearby materials. Class 2 losses, meanwhile, may spread to the walls, carpets, and cushions.
Class 3 and 4 losses are the most severe. Class 3 losses affect an entire room, including the ceilings and insulation. Class 4 losses involve low porous materials such as concrete and hardwood. They thus require special drying techniques.
Overflowing water from a sink or tub that is contained to one section of your Clear Lake, TX, house can be handled pretty easily. Unsanitary black water, however, can be harmful and tougher to remove. This is especially true if the water has spread to hardwood floors or a large area of your home. If you suffer a Category 3 or a Class 3/4 water loss, you should thus call restoration experts.

3 Ways That SERVPRO Serves Adjusters and Their Clients

2/18/2021 (Permalink)

Close up of a green truck SERVPRO offers a service that is available to business owners 24/7.

3 Ways That SERVPRO Serves Adjusters and Their Clients

An insurance adjuster for business owners in Nassau Bay, TX, collaborates with a variety of professionals to assist clients, including commercial remediation specialists. These companies work with the owners and the adjuster to effectively repair properties after a disaster. However, one of these organizations stands out among the rest. SERVPRO goes above and beyond in serving agents and their clients through various methods.

1. Fast Response
Disasters can occur or manifest at inconvenient times. The insurance client might notice a leak right before the weekend or a fire could ravage a building in the middle of the night. A strong restoration company offers a response service that is available to business owners 24/7 and deploys experts in a matter of hours. Fast emergency repair helps the business recover fast and it reduces the insurance claim expenses, benefitting both the adjuster and the client.

2. Detailed Information
The information regarding commercial damage is important since it helps both the client and the insurance adjuster make the best decision regarding the case. SERVPRO has a claims information center that collects and organizes information in a way that is useful to the insurance agent. It provides a job file that includes photos, detailed descriptions, and paperwork, as well as job costs and industry-standard comparisons. Agents can request this information in both physical and electronic copies.

3. Pretesting Process
Adjusters prefer to restore property and objects instead of replacing them, as the latter is more expensive. The best way to measure restorability is to have a remediation company run pretesting on the affected area and belongings. In addition to determining what can be salvaged or replaced, the process provides information to both the technicians and the adjusters. They can see what equipment and methods they need for best results and the estimated costs from the procedure.
The right remediation company can make the repair process beneficial to both the insurance adjuster and the establishment owner. SERVPRO provides these services and more to successfully help both parties.

4 Tips for Drying Out a Commercial Building

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

Drying equipment placed on a hallway, drywalls removed Drying equipment in a Dickson, TX commercial building.

Water Damage Tips

When your Dickson, TX, commercial building suffers water incursion, whether it's from a pipe burst or act of nature, the same basic steps will have to be taken. These steps will help protect any occupants in the affected area and the building and its contents. Professionals will probably have to be called in to remedy the situation thoroughly. Still, you can follow water damage tips to begin drying out the building before help arrives. After all, the quicker drying begins, the less damage will occur.

1. Turn Off Electricity
If you can safely make your way to the breaker box, the power to the area should be turned off immediately. Never walk through standing water in which electrical items are sitting. The electricity can travel throughout the water, electrocuting you. If you can't navigate to the breaker safely, or if you're unsure, you must wait for a professional to cut the power supply.

2. Extract Standing Water
Next, all the standing water will need to be extracted. A wet/dry vacuum is excellent for doing this safely and efficiently. It will also remove smaller debris.

3. Remove Soaked Materials
After you've extracted as much water as possible, one of the most critical damage tips to follow is to remove as many wet materials as possible. This can even include drywall and flooring. Soaked carpet and padding typically aren't salvageable; it can't be dried entirely before mold growth occurs (within 24 to 48 hours). Water damage remediation experts are highly recommended, as they can bring in industrial-grade equipment.

4. Dry Remaining Contents
You can try to dry the remaining contents by opening windows and doors if the outside is less humid than inside, using dehumidifiers, running fans and turning up the heat via the HVAC system or space heaters.
If your building floods, it and its contents need to be thoroughly dried as soon as possible. These are a few damage tips and cleaning tips you can begin before professionals arrive on the scene.

Professional Fire Cleanup - 3 Strategies a Company May Use To Restore Your Home

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

Tarped and boarded home Fire restoration may use tarps or boards to secure your home.

Professional Fire Cleanup

The results of a fire at Clear Lake, TX, can be devastating. From smoke damage to items ruined by flames and the water from the firemen’s hoses, there is much to clean up. A fire cleanup and restoration company can help return your home to normal, and there are several steps they may take when it comes to restoring building materials, cleaning carpeting, and assisting you with the salvaging and restoration of your valued belongings.

1. Inspection

Once professional fire remediation technicians arrive at your home, they may tour the rooms and note how many were damaged by the blaze and whether adjoining rooms took any secondary hits from smoke damage or flames. Performing a careful inspection can let your techs know how much smoke and soot damage is present and allow them to create an ongoing plan of action.

2. Safety Tarps and Boards

If your home’s doors, windows, or ceiling were compromised by the fire, fire restoration may use tarps or boards to secure them before they move on with any other cleanup efforts. Not only can this make your damaged home safer by reinforcing building materials weakened by the fire, but tarps and boards can also prevent would-be looters from entering your home during the overnight hours, when it may be the most vulnerable to criminal activity.

3. Deep Cleaning Services

Your fire restoration technicians may give you several options for smoke cleaning your belongings and advise you about what can be salvaged. They might employ a variety of industrial cleaning machines, including air scrubbers and foggers, which can remove smoky smells and soot from walls and carpeting. The techs may explain these techniques to you before they put them into effect.

A fire in your Clear Lake, TX, home can cause a great deal of smoke damage, soot, and other issues. Calling in a professional fire cleanup and restoration company can assist you with the first steps toward the cleanup process and give you confidence that your home can be restored to its former state.

The Mold Remediation Process

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

Mold Quarantine Mold remediation in La Marque, TX

The Mold Remediation Process

The moment mold growth is discovered in your La Marque, TX, property, some questions instantly arise. How long will it take? Do I need a mold remediation and restoration company? What should be expected during the mold removal process? For the first two, the answers depend on the severity of the problem. In most cases, the process takes about one to five days. If the affected area is more than 10,000, enlisting an expert is recommended.

Removal Process
When it comes to the third question, choosing a certified professional provides peace of mind that the job will be done right and eliminate the potential for a future infestation. Below are key steps taking during mold removal.

Technicians will wear extensive safety gear, which includes gloves, goggles, face masks and a protective suit.
A containment system will be set up to seal off the affected area. This is essential to prevent spores from spreading and building a new colony.
The affected area will be treated with an EPA-approved biocide to kill the fungi. This is often a two-step process.
All affected surfaces will be cleaned with high-grade antimicrobial cleaners.
Any materials that can’t be salvaged, such as drywall and insulation, will be safely removed from the premises.
Once the physical mold is removed, an array of high-tech tools will be used, including HEPA air scrubbers and vacuums, which remove airborne spores.
A sealer or encapsulant will be used to reinforce areas prone to water damage.

Peace of Mind
If black mold isn’t properly handled, it likely means dealing with the same problem down the road. Since your time and money are important, getting professional help eliminates future headaches and lets you focus on running your business. Most certified companies also provide restoration services, which makes it much faster to get your business back to “Like it never even happened.”
If faced with mold removal, getting it taken care of the right way is essential. While it may mean added costs and time upfront, it ensures the problem won’t rear its ugly head again.

4 Tips To Keep Your Sump Pump in Good Shape

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

A sump pump installed in a basement of a home with a water powered backup system. Keep your pump in good shape

4 Tips To Keep Your Sump Pump in Good Shape

Spring can be a wet time of year in Clear Lake, TX. If you rely on a sump pump to keep your building dry, now is a good time to be sure you’re up to date on any necessary pump maintenance and that your pump is in good working order. These tips can ensure that your pump is up to the task when wet weather arrives.

1. Test Your Pump
To test your pump, pour water into the pit until the float triggers the pump. Ideally, the pump should kick on and empty all water from the pit within a few seconds, then shut off. If the process is slow or fails, you may have to repair or replace some parts of your pump.

2. Add an Alarm
Tank level alarms are designed to alert you if your pump stops working or if water reaches a certain level within the pit. Some pump alarms make an audible alarm sound. Others are equipped with smart technology and will send you a text or email alert if the sump pump fails.

3. Consider a Backup
If you’ll frequently be away from your building, you may not always be available if your pump fails or if the building loses power. In that case, a backup pump would be a wise investment. Choose a pump that runs on a marine-grade battery or opt for a pump that is powered by water pressure.

4. Clean the Pit
Be sure to clean out your sump pit regularly. Use a wet/dry vacuum to remove any gravel, dirt, or other debris, as these can clog your system and cause unnecessary wear and tear to your pump.
Don’t wait until your pump fails to perform basic maintenance. Avoid flooding and costly water damage restoration by making sure your sump pump is in good working order before the rainy season starts.

How To Use an Auger To Unclog a Drain

12/30/2020 (Permalink)

a new plumbers snake on a white background All you need is an auger, also known as a snake

If a sink in your Nassau Bay, TX, home has stopped working, there may be something blocking your pipes. A clogged drain does not only affect the flow of water in your house, either. Over time, the clog could cause pressure to build up in the pipe. The pipe could then burst and flood your house.
To avoid the need for water damage restoration services, you should thus remove any clogs from your sink immediately. Luckily, all you need is an auger, also called a snake.

Auger Use

You can rent this plumbing tool for just a few dollars. Then, just follow the below steps to clear the drain.

1. Put the Auger Into the Drain
One end of the snake should go into the opening of the drain. Turn the handle on the drum to push the auger into the pipe. Keep going until you feel resistance from the clog.

2. Rotate the Snake
The auger's rotation should chop up the clog. If you do not feel the clog breaking up, try pulling the auger out of the clogged drain. The snake should take the clog with it.

3. Run the Water
Once you remove the snake, run the sink to make sure the clog is gone. If the clog did not come out of the pipe with the auger, it may just flush down the drain.

Clog Prevention
Now that you have cleared your drain, you should take steps to prevent the problem from happening again. Start by purchasing a strainer that collects foreign materials before they go down the drain.
You can also prevent kitchen sink clogs by properly utilizing your garbage disposal. Turn on the cold water while the disposal runs, and leave the water on for a minute after you shut off the disposal. This should flush the garbage into the main drainpipe rather than the smaller sink one.
Over time, a clogged sink could lead to a damaging pipe break. Therefore, should reduce the number of clogs in your sinks and use an auger to break up clogs that do develop.

Does Content Cleaning Work?

12/30/2020 (Permalink)

burned computer Electronics can be affected by a fire

If you have recently had a large portion of your company's items damaged in a fire, you have probably heard of a special dry-cleaning process that can help reverse the damage. You are probably wondering if this works and how it can help your business. Read on for an overview of how you can save your items.

How Can It Help My Business?

After your building sees extensive fire damage, it is normal to think you will lose a lot of your items. The contents of your business will indeed have been affected by the fire. However, if you take action immediately, content cleaning can reverse damage to your items caused by smoke, mold, fire, and water. This is successful through a special dry-cleaning process that removes soot and odors. After the cleaning process is finished, your items will be put into content storage, where they will wait until you are ready for them.

What Does It Save?
Some of the things that can be affected by a fire in Clear Lake, TX, include:

  • Electronics
  • Decorations
  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Tools

Fortunately, the professional remediation company that helps you will be able to restore these items. Finding a company that uses more advanced restoration technology will open up the number of items you can save. Keep in mind that this cleaning process can save a lot of your items, but it may not save everything. You may still have to throw away some porous things that cannot be restored.
If you have recently experienced a fire at your business, you are going to want to try the special dry-cleaning process, which restores your items, so they are once again usable. This is a great way to restore many items in your business, no matter what type of damage they have. Afterward, you can store them until you are ready to reclaim them. Keep in mind that you may not be able to save everything from your business.