Recent Before & After Photos

Storm damage to Clear Lake, TX House

The large storm that hit the Clear Lake area of Texas did a lot more damage in some areas than others. A tree branch had come down on this house causing a chain... READ MORE

Commercial Storm Damage

Storms can often be devastating in the state of Texas and especially closer to the ocean as Nassau. In the case of this building some of the roof was damaged du... READ MORE

Dickson Home with Mold Issues

Before going on vacation it is always prudent to turn off the water to your home. Many forget to do so and will come home to a mess such as this. A family from ... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Clean Up

When water intrudes it only takes twenty-four to forty-eight hours for mold to grow. It grows quickly since the spores are wafted through the air spreading wher... READ MORE

Fire Damage in School Library

Although these pictures look as if someone just tidied up the shelves there was a fire that created smoke and odor throughout. Each of these books was removed, ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Public School

The first picture looks like a water loss but it did start out as a fire. Public buildings have fire sprinklers that will turn on during a fire. The damage from... READ MORE

Building Flooded from Storm

A large storm had backed up the storm drains and the water ended up flooding into this commercial building. The flood water was not nearly as high but the stand... READ MORE

Caved Ceiling in La Marque, TX

The ceiling caved in on this poor man while sitting in his office. The water started leaking very slowly from an overhead pipe and then broke all at once. The c... READ MORE

Dickson, TX Home Floods from Supply Line

An ice maker supply line behind a fridge was the culprit for this cozy home suffering a flood damage. The first picture shows how we needed to move all the furn... READ MORE

Clear Lake Home Suffered a Storm during Construction

The city of Clear Lake is a beautiful place to live as long as the lake is not in your home. This home was new construction and was almost finished when the sto... READ MORE