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Outdoor Commercial Spaces Can be Damaged By Fire

11/2/2017 (Permalink)

Outdoor Commercial Spaces Can be Damaged By Fire

Many business owners have outdoor spaces that are an integral part of their business. An outdoor space may be where they sell products, offer seating for their restaurant or just allow employees some open air time and a break from their routine. When commercial fire damage is present along with soot damage and smoke damage, these can easily get all over the outdoor spaces. Commercial fire damage can spread from an electrical fire to the area right outside the space. Sparks from a utility room fire can spread from the utility room fire to other areas outside that are powered by electricity. The fire sprinkler system is often not only used inside but inside as well. A fire sprinkler system that is near a window and on after a fire can spread the water from the interior to the exterior and damage valuable plantings along the way. When dealing with the aftereffects of commercial fire damage, it is important to examine the exterior as well as the interior for signs of soot damage, fire damage and smoke damage.

Next to the Space

Many business owners have an entryway with greenery and plantings of all kinds. This area can be damaged when a fire hose is dragged across it to fight an electrical fire or utility room fire. The firefighter may have stepped on many areas here on his way from the fire truck with the fire hose. A single fire hose from a fire truck can be pulled dozens of feet across the area to reach the utility room fire. The firefighter may also need to walk around other areas of the property away from the front entrance with the fire hose from the fire truck, causing additional soot damage and fire damage to the area surrounding the office. Fire suppression methods such a fire sprinkler system may need to be turned off by the firefighter during the fire suppression efforts at combating fire damage and smoke damage along the grounds. Many business owners are dismayed to discover that the firefighter may have parked the fire truck on parts of their property that have been carefully landscaped.

Additional Damage

Exterior spaces can also be particularly vulnerable to smoke damage and soot damage. The electrical fire can cause scorch marks both inside and outside. Any business owner may also have an adjacent empty lot that has also been damaged by an electrical fire. many business owners have outdoor spaces that are used as storage spaces. These spaces can also be damaged by fire suppression methods. The fire sprinkler system used in fire fire suppression methods here may have gone off in a storage shed and caused problems with fire damage. Any business owner should be prepared to realize that commercial fire damage may need to include all areas around the property in any fire restoration plans. Fire restoration plans can be helpful in making the space look green and inviting again. A fire restoration plan may include cleaning this area as well.

Making it Nice Again

Professionals can help with fire restoration efforts everywhere on the property. They can help the owner determine what plants can be salvaged and what may not be in such good shape. They can also help the owner look closely at other materials in the space. For example a concrete seating area and series of planters may have been damaged in the fire. Professionals can help the owner determine what needs to be done to restore this area again. They can also provide expert advice about any materials that were stored outdoors and if they can salvaged or must be thrown out as well. Restoring this area to life is an important part of overcoming the damage from the fire and opening the business again. Effective help can offer the advice that any business owner needs to open up again.
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Moving Back Into Your Home After a Fire

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Moving Back Into Your Home After a Fire

Any time that there is a fire in a home or a fire in a business, there is going to be fire cleanup to deal with. The goal is to focus on fire damage restoration as soon as possible. This will make it easier to move back into the home or business.

Board Up the Building

Choosing to board up is an important process after there has been a fire in a business or a fire in a home. This is for security purposes so that people don’t enter the building. There might be broken windows. Doors may be off the hinges. As a result, the board up process needs to be done.

This is not something that an owner needs to go through on their own. It’s possible to call professionals to come out and board up at the same time that they assess the fire damage.

Use Fire Cleanup Strategies

Various fire cleanup strategies need to be used. By calling in a restoration company, they will have the tools to deal with smoke damage, soot damage, and address the smoke smell inside the building. Often, when there is sit damage and smoke damage, various techniques will be used in order to focus on the fire damage effectively.

How the fire was put out will also impact what kind of cleanup needs to be done. If there was a fire in a home or a fire in business and an extinguisher was used, there may be a lot of foam cleanup. There might also be excessive amounts of water, which will be taken care of as part of the overall fire damage restoration.

Explore Structural Integrity

A restoration company will be able to come out and floor the structural integrity. Often, fire damage restoration involves doing a lot of rebuilding. Depending upon the amount of soot damage, various structures may have experienced a lot of weight sitting on them. This can weaken the structures and add to the total amount of residential or commercial fire damage present.

Any rebuilding will get added to the plan that is created by the restoration company.

Assess All Damages

The restoration company will also be involved in identifying all of the fire damage. Whether it’s residential or commercial fire damage, there will be photos taken. A list of how to deal with everything will be created.

Some damage will be minimal and easy to fix while some of the residential or commercial fire damage may be excessive. This could involve more time to rebuild and replace items so that it will look as though a fire in a home or a fire in a business never took place.

Start on Fire Damage Restoration

The restoration plan for fire damage is going to vary from building to building. None of it can take place until after the fire cleanup. Once everything is out, it will be easier to identify how strong the smoke smell is and then determine what else needs to be done. Some of the smoke smell will be eliminated as damaged items are pulled from the building.

Smoke damage and soot damage will be addressed during the restoration. Multiple contractors will likely be going into the building in order to take care of the different issues that were impacted by the fire. For example, smoke damage may have affected the HVAC system. Soot damage may have affected plumbing or electrical components.

By bringing in a professional company to help with residential or commercial fire damage, they will be able to help with all aspects of the fire cleanup, the smoke smell, and all fire damages. It will take time, but they will have the expertise to get it done properly.
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Expert Storm Damage Remediation

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Expert Storm Damage Remediation

Many places encounter storms and severe weather events. Heavy rainfall and flooding lead to tremendous damage to property. The losses that come as a result of these weather events must be dealt with efficiently. Storm damage repairs aren’t as easy as most people think.

Flooding, river flooding, hail storms, ice dams, and hurricanes accompany most storms. These two are very dangerous and can cause damage to lots of properties. Floods can lead to sweeping away of houses, cars and even people. Hurricanes are known to carry away roofs and any object that doesn’t firmly stand on the ground from flood water. On the other hand, storms cause ice damming and storm surges that can hurt people.

Businesses just like any other property are prone to wind damage and roof damage which might be caused by river flooding. The act of storm damage restoration is for people with experience and knowledge in such matters. Seeking roof damage and hail damage professional help has numerous advantages and is incomparable to ‘Do it Your Own’ methods. An expert will inspect, identify the damages, come up with a cost-effective measure and undertake the actual restoration procedure. Moreover, the restoration agency will provide a guideline on how to avoid and deal with future storms.

Property owners should immediately seek help to get storm restoration services. They assist in the following;

• Roof repair
• River flooding
• Roof leak
• Hurricane damage
Water restoration
• Frozen pipes
• Ice damming
• Roof repair
• Wind damage
• Flood water
• Home restoration
• Ice damage
• Storm remediation.

The team of roof damage, hail damage, and ice damage experts comes up with plans on how to tackle the above disasters as soon as possible. They also provide flood pump amongst other services. As a result, there will be cleaning of walls, repair of frozen pipes caused by roof damage, removal of standing water, river flooding and groundwater through storm remediation.

What is the Process of Storm Damage Restoration?

The ice dam victims should immediately contact the storm restoration and ice dam companies as soon as the ice dam disaster occurs. The ice damming companies usually have flood pump, trucks, and workforce that can respond quickly.

On arrival, the storm restoration experts begin with the assessment of the damages. The obligation is to come up with a report on the losses. The next stage involves sealing of holes on roofs and walls. The storm restoration experts begin with the walls and ceilings so that they avoid more damages from occurring. Moreover, sealing ensures that there will be no more wind damage, hail damage, ice damage, and roof leak through storm remediation.

Water extraction and roof leak is the third step in storm damage restoration. This procedure requires specific tools such as flood pump and that’s why only a storm and home restoration organization can offer such services as storm remediation. The roof leak and roof repair team will be able to remove victims stuck in flooding areas safely. In instances of ice damming, the group provides airlifting and flood water services to flood water victims. Other than having flood pump, the water restoration team usually has lots of experience and can deal with the disaster effectively.

Storm remediation also involves the use of dehumidification and drying water restoration procedures to make the rooms go back to their original states. Dehumidification comes in handy in cases of ice damage. They also dry the furniture, clothes and electrical appliances with use of specialized equipment during home restoration.

Cleaning follows after the property is free from ground water. The flood water team tides up property such as furniture and walls. Moreover, they inspect if molds could have taken advantage of the situation. If they have, they treat the fittings to prevent mold from spreading.

Once the room is thoroughly dry from ground water, the following step is to conduct the home restoration process. In cases of both commercial and residential areas, flooding affects things such as wiring and plumbing to check for frozen pipes. The professionals perform a thorough ground water inspection to ensure all these processes are running smoothly. After that, if the owner wishes they can remodel and change the designing of the house so that they can resume their day to day activities.

The final step is known as ground water mitigation. It is a remedy for businesses that are in stormy areas through storm remediation.Prevention is better than cure; therefore the method aims at ensuring the disaster does not occur again. The professionals will conduct roof repair, and deal with frozen pipes to avoid re-occurrence of such tragedies.

Storm damages and hurricane damage, hail damage, and ice damage can cause stress and are quite expensive. The best and most effective way to deal with hurricane damage is seeking storm remediation, hurricane damage services such as professional storm and water restoration come from experts. They will advise on how to plan, deal with groundwater, wind damage and return your property to its original state.
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Commercial and Residential Flood Damage

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial and Residential Flood Damage

Water damage is often a far more serious situation than many property owners would at first realize. Flood damage is often insidious, starting off as a seemingly containable amount of water spilled from a supply line break or pipe break. But this water, even just a few gallons, can quickly begin leading to lasting flood damage. If larger amounts of water in a home or water in a business are allowed to stand for more than about one week, permanent and serious water damage is all but guaranteed to occur. In the worst cases, this can lead to the total loss of the property.

Although it is the most spectacular flood damage events that usually make the news, such as those seen recently with major weather disasters in the United States, the truth is that the large majority of property loss due to water damage occurs as a result of far more quotidian evens, like a supply line break or pipe break. The good news is that these types of flood damage events are almost always able to undergo complete restoration and water damage mitigation. The bad news is that, all too often, home and business owners do not take the proper steps in time to save their flooded homes or flooded businesses from permanent damage.

The single most important thing to remember whenever you find flood water in your home or water in your business is that only trained professionals with the right equipment for the job can maximize the chance of a successful restoration and mitigation of the flooded home or business. Your local restoration company will have both the highly trained personnel and sophisticated, powerful equipment to ensure that your flooded home or business is able to be completely restored to its prior state.

In this article, we look at the mitigation and restoration process and what a property owner can expect when they call in the local restoration company to carry out the water cleanup process. With timely action, nearly every flooded home or business will be able to be fully restored to its original condition.

The call is made and the water cleanup team arrives

The first step whenever a property owner notices flood water in their business or water in their home is to make the call to the local professional restoration company. Once the call is received, a water cleanup team will be dispatched to the property, usually arriving within a half hour.

Once the restoration company team has arrived on site, they will immediately go to the source of the original supply line break or pipe break, making sure that no active leaks are still spewing water. They will also carefully inspect the area around the original pipe break or supply line break, noting the extent to which water has seeped into out-of-site places.

The team will note the amount of standing water in the home or water in the business to determine if large scale water removal with heavy-duty equipment is necessary. If it is, they will already have all the required equipment on hand.

Water removal

The next step in the water cleanup process is the large-scale removal of standing water. Once all standing water has been removed, through the use of heavy-duty vacuum equipment, then the mitigation and restoration process can proceed apace.

The thorough drying of the property

The next step is to carry out a thorough drying of the property. Industrial drying equipment and dehumidifiers will be deployed within the flooded property. The special equipment is capable of heating surfaces to near their flashpoint, thus dramatically speeding up the drying process. This is a step that can only be carried out by professionals. Attempting to dry a flooded home on one's own can be extremely dangerous and will nearly always prove insufficient to adequately dry the premises.

At this point, the property will be restored.
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Steps Towards Professional Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

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Steps Towards Professional Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

It is without a doubt that fire can be devastating; especially it breaks out in business premises. Given the intensity of the loss that fire can cause in a commercial building, most of the business owners take up measures that could reduce losses. One of the most common and effective ways is to install fire sprinkler systems.

In utility room fire or electrical fire, the fire sprinkler system can detect the heat change and ring the alarm as it opens up its valves. The rooms in the building are sprayed with a lot of water from the fire sprinkler system. Further, the alarm helps in evacuation and calling the local firefighters to respond to the utility room fire or electrical fire.

Firefighters usually respond to a fire distress quickly because they know that utility room fire or electrical fire does not wait for anyone. They arrive with fire trucks and long fire hose to make sure that they can access any part of the building is important to back up fire sprinkler system. A fire truck is filled with a mixture of water and fire redundant chemicals not forgetting the pressure pumps that help in fire suppression.

Firefighters can use cranes on the fire truck to hoist the fire hose and reach any height necessary. All the effort put by the firefighters in fire suppression effort also causes destruction as well as that caused by utility room fire or electrical fire damage. Firefighters are forced to break into windows and doors to ensure that fire hose has access to all areas under fire. Other than fire damage, the owners will have to deal with damages caused during fire suppression, smoke damage, and soot damage.

After the last flame goes off, the work of the firefighters comes to an end, they pack up their fire hose and get into their fire truck and leave the area to wait for another assignment. The business owner now has a chance to have a look at the fire suppression aftermath. The scene is always heart breaking, charred mess, flooded floors, overturned furniture, choking smell from smoke damage and soot damage is all over. You cannot guess what needs to be done but thanks to the professional fire restoration services as they can handle any commercial fire damage restoration.

Unlike the fire suppression efforts, the fire restoration service requires proper planning to avoid causing more damages and loss. For this reason, fire damage professionals have to begin with the inspection of the building to assess the extent of commercial fire damage. This gives them an opportunity to plan and come up with appropriate approaches to deal with the mess. In a short while, they list and remove items that can be cleaned or repaired and take it to their facility. They also do the documentation to ascertain your loss, which can also be used to file insurance claims.

Fire damage restoration begins with the clearing of the charred mess and removal of floods caused by the fire hose. You will also be involved in each step to ensure that everything is, as you want it to be. The professional's commercial fire damage restoration services also ensure that all other damages such as soot damage, smoke damage and water damage is taken care. Soot damage would require repainting of the walls and cleaning ash from the vents. Smoke damage will call for deodorization of all the porous items and upholstery.

You should not let time pass by after commercial fire damage before calling professional fire restoration services. The more you delay, the further will be the damages, especially through floods. It is also prudent to consider bringing back the business up on its feet before your clients get absorbed by your competitions.

The most important thing is to make sure that you hire the right fire damage restoration experts. This could be achieved through a simple background check and contacting their reference for a tip off. Commercial fire damage may not bring back the losses, but it can help you have a platform to trudge on with your business.
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What Storm Damage Professionals Do After a Storm

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What Storm Damage Professionals Do After a Storm

The United States experienced the effects of hurricane damage three times in a row in 2017 after Harvey, Irene and Jose swept across the country. While hurricane damage is something that can occur on both commercial properties and private homes, it's not the only type of damage that storm restoration professionals deal with on a regular basis. Storm restoration professionals can also help with any type of flooding like river flooding, a roof leak, wind damage, an ice dam and ice damage that requires a roof repair. Ice damming can also cause other forms of roof damage and lead to problems with ground water and frozen pipes, but home restoration professionals can help with all types of storm remediation.

Property Inspection

One of the main things that storm damage companies can and do after a storm is a full property inspection. They do not just look at the problem that the owner called about because they know that other problems can exist. Hail damage may cause a roof leak or tear the shingles off, which will require a roof repair. Any flood water in the building can freeze and cause frozen pipes to form. A full inspection will also check for wind damage, roof damage, ice damage, hurricane damage and any type of hail damage.

Removing Water

An easy way to remove flood water or ground water on the floor and in other areas of the building is the use of a flood pump. Those who live near the coast or a body of water often have a permanent flood pump set up in their basements or near their foundations. With river flooding or any other type of flooding, the flood pump will carefully extract that water from the property. These pumps can also work in other types of storm remediation. A water restoration or home restoration expert might use a flood pump to remove water that caused ice damming on the sides of a building as soon as that ice dam melts.


Extracting the water left behind by ice damming or flooding is just one step in the drying of the home or business. Once the excess water caused by river flooding or another type of storm damage is gone, they can use fans and other procedures to completely dry any remaining flood water or ground water. That flood water might enter the home because of a roof repair that went unnoticed, a roof leak no one spotted, wind damage that broke a window, hail damage to the roof or because of an ice dam. Ice damage relating to frozen pipes can cause flooding too. Home restoration experts can dry any water caused by roof damage as part of the process of storm remediation.

Insurance Help

Those calling for storm restoration help or because they need help with water restoration after river flooding will find that storm damage professionals can help them navigate through the often tricky world of filing an insurance claim too. Insurance companies may refuse to accept a claim because of a roof leak that already existed, a previous roof repair or because the owner did not take steps to prevent wind damage or roof damage like ice damming. With the help of a good company, commercial property owners and those who own their own homes or rental properties can file an insurance claim and get the necessary storm remediation.

Some of the common ice damage issues that can arise in winter include an ice dam forming and hanging off the side of a gutter and frozen pipes that break open and spill ground water all over the floors. Other seasons can bring both hurricane damage and hail damage. Storm restoration companies have experience in all types of restoration work and can help clients with any type of water restoration or home restoration work. Visit for more information on storm damage.

Fire Damaged Library

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Commercial Fire Damaged Library Library Fire

Fire Damaged Library

Although this picture looks as if someone just tidied up the shelves there was a fire that created smoke and odor throughout. Each of these books was removed, boxed, and taken to our facility. There it was cleaned of the soot residue and then deodorized before it was boxed back up.

It was very meticulous work which is why we asked our most patient and attentive workers to do the job. They had spent hours making sure each book had the soot removed from their pages.

Once boxed back up they were placed back on the shelves in the order they were taken off; except that they were placed in neater rows. The librarian was astonished at how well we remembered where every book was taken in order to put them back. 

The Original Recycler - Mold

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The Original Recycler - Mold

We can probably assume that most people in the Dickson, Texas know mold when they see it making a home in their basement, shower, bathrooms and other places in your home, condo, or the apartment you rent.

Mold and Mildew love places that are moist. Yep, this unique fungus plays a starring role in the ecological balance. The rain and cold temperatures that visit this area are usually from Thanksgiving to baseball season. This is also about the time that moisture enters the scene (think humidity) which is a joyful occurrence for fungus to make a visit in the damp areas of your home or business in the Dickson area.

That said, if you have started wiping windows that are foggy, best you start looking around your property and locate the places where extra moisture is coming from and check for the cause of the mildew.

Where Is It Hiding?

No place is off limits to mold. It's an air conditioning unit, duct work or even in walls of your home. Once they reach their destination, they can quickly grow into a visible colony.

The Cause of Mold is Moisture

9/13/2017 (Permalink)

When you do find the mildew growing in the house, you need to find the cause. For instance, if you have a leaking roof, ensure that it is also repaired. At times, it may be because of a leak in the pipes embedded in the walls. Take time and investigate. Most fungus develops due to high humidity levels. 

If you find mold in your home call SERVPRO of Clear Lake to remediate the mold before it spreads to other areas of the home.

After the mildew has been removed from the home. You should take measures that keep the home free of an infestation. No more leaks from pipes or roofs will assure that there will be no more mold growth. Visit if you suspect mold in your property.

Three Risks After a Hurricane

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Clear Lake will often have hurricanes which leave devastation along its wake. It is important to keep an eye out for these three potential risks after a hurricane.

  1. Bodily Harm -  Flood water carries bacteria and other contaminates. Before entering your home wear proper protective equipment such as gloves and goggles. It is also important to have all your vaccinations such as Hepatitis and Tetanus. 
  2. Electrical Shock - Many power lines and cables will be damaged during the storm. If the power has not been cut from the lines then they can pass electrical currents along the flood water.
  3. Local Wildlife - Be careful during the clean up process as many wildlife creatures will also be homeless or maybe in a new home; your home. It is common to find snakes and rats trying to stay on high ground.

Remember these risks before doing any cleaning and remediation after a hurricane. Stay safe out there.